Nighttime Mail Carriers


Are you looking for an independent job, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet, while the rest of the city sleeps?

We are searching for


to work with us in a long-term, part-time employment. We have multiple routes around Helsinki. Currently, we are looking for personnel to Helsinki or Espoo areas.

You don’t need any previous experience, we offer comprehensive training for the job. During this two week training period, you’ll have an instructor to support you every step on the way. We’ll also provide you with all the equipment needed on the route.

Typical workday description

Your shifts starts by loading the newspapers and advertisments into your vehicle. Depending on the route, you can choose to work with a bicycle, walking with a wagon or driving a car or a scooter.

You’ll also be provided with a tool, which helps you navigate on your routes.

Once you’ve finished your route, you can return to the starting point and check that everything is ready for the next shift to take over. Then you are ready to return home.

More information

Shifts start at midnight and last for approximately 3,5-5 hours per shift. You’ll be working for 6 nights in a row and then you’ll have two nights off.

Salary: 9,69 e/h + nightime compensation 1,18 e/h, total of 10,87€/hour.

If you want to work on a car route, we require at least two years of driving experience.

Working as a mail carrier can be physically demanding, so you are recquired to be in good physical shape. We also recquire you to be at least 18- years old and satisfactory skills in either Finnish or English.

If you are interested in this job opportunity – submit your application right away!

Työsuhteen tyyppi: Määräaikainen, osa-aikainen/Vakituinen, osa-aikainen
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