The sunny service with a big heart

SOL is like a big family. We share the values, a friendly atmosphere, and the joy of work!

At SOL HR Services joint-stock company, we specialize in direct recruitment, outsourcing and international placements, and a range of customized staffing solutions tailored to the needs of the industrial and constructional companies throughout Finland and internationally. SOL Logistics Services is one of the largest operators in the logistics industry.

Our strengths lie in our powerful industry expertise, a service that takes clients’ needs, active monitoring of customer satisfaction, a development-oriented management model, and meticulous care for our personnel.

The SOL-group unites our companies, with a positive service attitude, values, and human perception. We take pride in the well-being of our personnel; our activities are guided by a genuine commitment to acting in the best interests of the client.

What does responsibility mean to us?

Responsible business operation in SOL means supporting the company’s business with self-motivated responsibility, determined based on the values and goals of the company. We aim to provide learning opportunities in the workplace, facilitate career advancement, and aid in adapting to Finnish society. We strive to preserve biodiversity and secure a better future. Together, we can make a difference, so let’s do good together!